Would you like to review Under Orders?

Our wonderful blogger, John Timpson (of Timpsonian and Timpson Shoe Repair Fame) has written a book about racehorse ownership, called ‘Under Orders’.

The book is due to be published in October 2017 by Icon Books.

When purchasing through this website, £4 from each book sale will be donated to the Injured Jockey’s Fund, in memory of John’s wife, Alex, who sadly passed away recently.

Alex was the driving force behind the Timpson’s Racehorse Ownership, and was a huge supporter of the Injured Jockey’s Fund.

Because of this, we are attempting to sell as many books as possible, in order that the contribution to the IJF be as large as possible.

So far a fabulous group of volunteers have previewed the book, recommended changes, written reviews and helped to promote the book. As a result, the title has been changed from the original draft version (How To Make A Small Fortune) to Under Orders, and several additions have been made to the book’s content.

Would you like to help us?

If you write a blog, review books for a professional, subscription or membership publication or can otherwise help promote Under Orders by John Timpson, we would be delighted to send you a Review Copy and any supporting information you require. We can arrange an interview with John Timpson himself and lend photos to accompany your article. 

Become part of this project – we’d love to hear from you! Simply email contribute@eclipsemagazine.co.uk

Thank you!!