Preview copies of Under Orders by John Timpson have been sent to readers ranging from those working in the racing industry to those who are new to racing.

Their feedback and comments are summarised below – huge thanks to all for taking the time to send in their review. If you would like to send your review please email it to

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“I haven’t seen such a good account of the sums involved anywhere else.” “I really think this book could become a handbook for The Racehorse Owners Association.” more…    Paul Webber, Racehorse Trainer

“A fascinating insight into life as an owner.” “Who would enjoy reading the book?  Anyone with an interest in racing, especially fellow owners who would no doubt be agog to read about someone else’s experience.” more…   Tonia Rutherford, horse owner and racegoers.

“It is well written and I personally enjoyed the book as an owner myself.” “It is certainly a lovely diary of John’s fun and enjoyment in his chosen hobby.” Nigel Payne, Chairman of the PJA

“The theme is, of course, how difficult it is to win a race, and when you do so it is an incredible experience.” “It is a lovely book and so well and wittily told.” more…   Bill Spiegelberg, Deputy Lieutenant of Cheshire and Racehorse Breeder

“I never realised how complicated the whole business is but John’s explanations have unravelled the complexities.” “I thoroughly enjoyed it as there is something for everyone.” more…   Chris Metcalfe-Gibson

“I would certainly recommend to anyone foolish enough to start thinking of owning a racehorse or two or even a leg as a must read.” “Maybe the jockey school should have it as compulsory reading for their apprentices.” more…   Richard Page

“The book is factually honest and a wonderful description about how horseracing (steeple chasing) is purely for fun.” more…    Michael Stoddart, Racehorse Owner

“I enjoyed reading John’s descriptions of the different type of characters who attend the race meeting, this made me laugh out loud.” “The comments on the different types of racecourse hospitality racehorse owners can expect to receive was an eye-opener.” more…   Angela White, Timpson House Colleague, and member of the Northern Racing Club

“An interesting and sometimes amusing guide to the perils and pitfalls of owning a racehorse.” more…   Jan Wood, Racehorse Owner

“What I liked about it was that it was written by an enthusiast and that it will demystify racehorse ownership for many.” “I learned: the real brass-tacks of ownership, genuine insight into the thrills and spills and the ups and downs of it all.”  more…   Kevin Byram  

“I learned a lot about NH Racing even though I have been interested in it for decades.” “This is a very humorous and human story of a married couple’s experiences of owning racehorses in their pursuit of a dream and in their wish to have great enjoyment, in their retirement years, from a new adventure.” more… Brian Thompson

“I liked the way that John combined information and facts with humour and self-deprecation and the way he wove into the racing experience other elements of his and Alex’s journey.” “A charming and personal insight into the world of racing which embraces both the pleasure and the pain associated as well as the real cost.” more…  David Morgan

“It gave me a huge insight into the world of horseracing and was a nice balance of background information together with personal experiences of being a racehorse owner.” “The world of horse racing was a total unknown, and I found the whole thing fascinating.” more… Susan Sargeant

“I think a lot of current owners would enjoy it (and recognise the truth of so much of it) but in particular I think it’s required reading for newcomers to ownership!” more… Martin Broughton

“Whilst the family ‘enjoys the good life’ the background of Alex’s devotion to helping others, not wanting their horses whipped, etc. and John’s record of helping ex-convicts get their lives back on track, makes the reader feel they have deserved it” more… Philip Evans, Deputy Chairman of the Northern Racing Club

“After each season, it became quite compelling to find out what happened next season.” “It has a much broader appeal than I had envisaged.” more… Hilary Banner

“I enjoyed the relaxed writing style, and history associated with some of the decision making process whilst becoming, and continuing to be, an owner.” more… Dickon White, Group Betting Manager, Jockey Club Racecourses

“I very much enjoyed the book. It answered many of the questions that I don’t feel comfortable asking, in knowledgeable racing company!” more… Jayne White, ‘Novice’ racegoer



Pictured: Arctic Ben wins the 2m 4f handicap chase, Warwick 26.1.12. Photograph courtesy of: Edward Whitaker