I learned a lot about NH Racing even though I have been interested in it for decades. I enjoyed the humourous observations of racing and racegoers both on and off the racecourse.

The book’s frankness in detailing the large costs involved may put off potential owners [although the book demonstrated that] huge satisfaction for an owner in the winner’s enclosure justifies, for a time, the large costs involved.

[After reading the book I have learned] that there are too many variables involved to make any fortune (or even a small bit of money) from owning a NH racehorse or from betting on a racehorse, unless you are a Bookie, preferably based in Gibraltar.

I would recommend it to others, particularly if they have any interest, however slight, in Racing. This is a very humorous and human story of a married couple’s experiences of owning racehorses in their pursuit of a dream and in their wish to have great enjoyment, in their retirement years, from a new adventure.

Brian Thompson

Pictured: SIXTY SOMETHING with J Greenall wins Handicap Chase at Doncaster 12-12-14.