Clearly it’s a subject that I am interested and involved in and, of course, I empathise with much that John says about ownership but it’s in the knowing of John and Alex and their horses that I have followed over the years that made it even more special for me.

I liked the way that John combined information and facts with humour and self-deprecation and the way he wove into the racing experience other elements of his and Alex’s journey. It made the book more personal and provided the reader with an insight into them both and into their world. And of course the challenges they both faced.

The overriding theme is of John’s love for Alex and the partnership they had. And how together they embraced a new interest and managed their lives, in part, around it. And secondly, how they saw good in defeat and that necessary element of stoicism that all owners need to have.

I would describe it as a charming and personal insight into the world of racing which embraces both the pleasure and the pain associated as well as the real cost. Therefore useful to anyone considering taking a similar step.

David Morgan

Pictured: Arctic Ben wins the 2m 4f handicap chase, Warwick 26.1.12. Photograph courtesy of: Edward Whitaker