I very much enjoyed the book. It answered many of the questions that I don’t feel comfortable asking, in knowledgeable racing company! I feel more informed, and comfortable having conversations with owners, after reading the book.

It was fascinating to learn more about Alex’s approach to racing. I loved that Alex kept her gut-feeling approach to buying horses….greys, grandchildren’s names, etc.

I particularly liked the humour, passion and self-deprecating approach: “Enjoy the experience of being an owner, don’t focus on the cost, be prepared to invest a lot of money!”. Also, I enjoyed the humorous interpretation of the trainers’ comments.

The book manages the expectations of being an owner very well. It also explains the random nature of horses’ illnesses and injury, and deals sensitively with losing horses.

I think it would appeal to people who have an interest in what it is like to be an owner, but as yet, have limited inside knowledge.

I am a member of a book club (all female, one who is an owner!) but everyone is fascinated by what Alex has achieved in her life. I would possibly recommend to the group, but would have liked a little more of Alex’s story too….maybe Alex’s story is another book?!!

[I would describe it as:] a light-hearted look at being a racehorse owner, and what that involves!

Jayne White, ‘Novice’ racegoer.


Pictured: SIXTY SOMETHING with J Greenall wins Handicap Chase at Doncaster 12-12-14.