I enjoyed reading how Alex ‘got the bug’ originally and how it grew and grew as the ambitions changed from just wanting to own a winner to wanting to own a winner at Cheltenham!

John’s reflections back to his youth and visiting “John Peel’s betting shop” also struck a chord with me as that was how I got involved in racing/betting (at John Peel’s in Handforth/Wilmslow).

As a City supporter I also enjoyed references to the conflicting demands of watching the games or watching your horses run – again that fits my experiences.

Whilst the family ‘enjoys the good life’ the background of Alex’s devotion to helping others, not wanting their horses whipped, etc. and John’s record of helping ex-convicts get their lives back on track, makes the reader feel they have deserved it (as opposed to some slick City banker whose pink colours adorn Cheltenham each year but is not a character most people would warm to!).

The book mirrors my own experiences – owning horses has massive highs/lows but is almost guaranteed to cost a lot of money.

This is a story about Alex Timpson’s love of horses and racing and how she started with a small share in one to ending up with a decent sized string of horses and achieving an ambition to have runners at the Cheltenham Festival.

Philip Evans, Deputy Chairman of the Northern Racing Club

Pictured: SAFRAN DE COTTE at Cheltenham 15-11-14.