I really enjoyed the book. What I liked about it was the sense of a journey, and I learned quite a lot about NH racing.  I also loved reading all the other snippets of writing about John’s non-racing life, work, holidays etc – actually would have been happy to have had a bit more of that!

The themes I identified in the book were John’s deep love and affection for his wife, a heavy emphasis on the cost of this particular hobby, and the feeling that the critical contribution of owners to racing is under-valued by the industry.

A fascinating insight into life as an owner – interesting statistics about the number of times you can expect a horse to race each season, the costs of training, and the scale of prize money.  It would be a helpful and realistic guide for anyone hoping to become an owner in future.

Who would enjoy reading the book?  Anyone with an interest in racing, especially fellow owners who would no doubt be agog to read about someone else’s experience.

Tonia Rutherford, horse owner and racegoer

Pictured: SAFRAN DE COTTE at Cheltenham 15-11-14.